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Battery management system (BMS) for bipolar battery

Conventional chargers for a pack of batteries associated in serial give a total voltage for 4 elements equal to xVxn, x depending of technology and a same current for all unit cells.

In BILAPS the battery management system is made of:
- X slave chargers of each cell with a profile of charge depending of the bipolar technology;
- 1 master in relation with: slave charges to give charge profile + test bench;
- 3 slave chargers on prototype have been manufactured and tested;
- After test some modifications have been introduced;
- 36 slave charges have been developed with dimensions 120x70x12 mm;
- The slave chargers are connected to the cells via faston clips.

What are the potential applications for this result?
- New technology batteries;
- Applications with associated batteries in series

Who are the end-users of this result?
- Car manufacturers, ship builders, energy supply companies, all sectors of activities with batteries.

What are the main innovative features/benefits? (Technical/commercial success factors)
- Increasing charge and discharge cycle of all types of battery

Analysis of the market or application sectors:
- See above

Potential barriers:
- Costs.

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