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Process of the lead plating of the bipolar plate

The process of lead-alloy plating of conductive fluorpolymer bipolar plates was developed on a laboratory scale. An ECD (Electro Chemical Deposition) pilot plating line, capable of semi-industrially plating the bipolar plates with a well defined lead alloy coating was build, tested and used for small series production. The process includes pre- and post treatment of these difficult to plate materials.

- What are the potential applications for this result?
Coating bipolar plates and grids for the BILAPS power source.

- Who are the end-users of this result?
Electro plating companies and battery manufacturers.

- What are the main innovative features/benefits? (Technical/commercial success factors)
Know how of handling, pre- and post treatment and ECD processing of non-metallic conducting materials.

-Analysis of the market or application sectors:
Bipolar batteries.

-Potential barriers:
Cost, yield, protection of knowledge (mainly know how).Relation between grain size of the base material and the porosity of the electroplated top layer.

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