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Experimental facility for the study of heat transfer and fluid flow in pulsating/oscillating and swirling flows akin to those in engines

An experimental facility was designed and constructed to enable measurements of fluid flow and heat transfer to be made in pulsating and swirling flow conditions. The facility is a stainless steel closed circuit water tunnel that can deliver flow rates up to 290lt/min. Periodic velocity perturbations are introduced to the flow by means of a rotating valve driven by a variable speed motor. The valve periodically blocks the passage of part of the flow generating a low-amplitude sinusoidal velocity perturbation with frequencies in the range of 3-60 Hz. The amplitude of the perturbations "delta u" is varied by means of control valves that adjust the relative amounts of perturbed/unperturbed flow through the rotating valve.

The facility, has been used exclusively for MinNOx work and has generated benchmark data for pulsating and swirling flows. It is envisaged that the experimental facility will generate further research activity and will allow these investigations to be extended to other engineering applications. Both flow pulsations and swirl have a great potential as process enhancement mechanisms and it is expected that the present work will be continued and expanded so that our understanding of these unsteady and complex flows is improved while at the same time reliable experimental data are generated for validation and refinement of numerical methodologies for turbulence modelling.

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