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Simultaneous calculations of coolant flow and metal temperature prediction to be performed. The results will demonstrate a new method to predict heat transfer mechanisms in the engine faster and much

Simultaneous calculations of coolant flow and metal temperature prediction were performed. The results demonstrated that with an improved method the prediction of heat transfer mechanisms in a combustion engine can be performed faster and much more accurate. In combination with in cylinder flow calculations a more accurate prediction of NOx emissions is enabled. For the analysis work accurate CAD models and FE and CFD meshes for the above mentioned areas are required. The upfront mesh generation and boundary condition definition is performed in the AVL Workflow Manager environment.

The simulation results together with measured data from a mass production engine helped to analyze the accuracy of heat tranport phenomena under various operating conditions. Tests and calculations were performed in a way that different physical effects could be separated such as in cylinder heat transfer, coolant pressure, heat transfer to the oil etc. The results will provided a deeper understanding of the accuracy of submodels in current programs such as Fluent as well as those developed within this project by other project partners.

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