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Nude cells concept

The purpose of this project was to develop a PV concentration module concept that consists on enclosing in a box the most sensible components of PV concentration modules (PV and reflectors).

At this way, it is possible to eliminate degradation problems related to this type of systems in reflectors and PV module encapsulating organic elements (EVA, silicone, etc...) as browning of the encapsulating material).

Elimination of encapsulating elements let to use nearly standard Si-cells in the prototypes of the CAC concentrator system, so reducing the costs of the whole system.

The CAC PV module concept avoids the use of fast degradation encapsulating elements and protects the most sensible elements (cells and reflectors) by enclosing them in a non-aggressive ambient. This ambient conditions are achieved through dehydration of the air inside the CAC box.

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