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Overview on technical consequences of DG penetration in the power system operation

A detailed description of the power system is given. The various controls existing in the system are detailed in order to analyse the different aspects of system robustness.

This approach is generally expressed in transmission and has a strong link with blackout countermeasures: the major events and defence plans are described and explained. Various levels of DG penetration are investigated for analysing the technical impacts on the networks and the consequences for the robustness.

A specific criterion is proposed for having a clear and simple index indicating the real time situation about stability.

This indicator may be used in the future in a distributed intelligence way: the real time evaluation of stability is done cell by cell and aggregated at a higher level. In this way a more complex stability study is pointed out with the scalability parameter, taking into account at the same time the local and global constraints.

Another specific point from the large DG insertion in the distribution network is the future capacity of intentional islanding. The needs for control and communication are detailed for various power system applications at local scale.

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