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Overview on European MV fault protection system and fault diagnostics and their adaptation the DG penetration

A concept of MV and LV cells is described to take into account the various cases of network configuration and faults that may occur. The future network is expected to be more flexible and variable in its configuration, keeping a relatively fixed topology and a typical radial operation. Various kinds of faults are described and the possible influence of DG units is given.

A main scope of the result is focused on the localization of a permanent fault. New kinds of devices, or the performances of existing devices, and new fast fault localization methods are proposed. A great improvement is expected for the existing network with an inherent adaptation to DG penetration.

The solution proposed for the future medium voltage distribution network combines the information from the distributed fault passage indicators and the digital protection of the feeders. A dedicated agent managing the cell deals with the given application for the local coordination of detection and network reconfiguration.

The existing protection systems take into account some physical events, as the important ratio of fugitive faults. The solution proposed is to meet also the requirement of such reliable existing processes, enabling to maintain a high level of local power availability.

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