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Distributed network architectures

An overview about EPS, market and ICT architectures and expected performances is reported. A view by CRISP partners of various architectures (Sweden, the Netherlands and France) has been given. The electric system is changing today and the rules are not completely defined. The competition and DG insertion is increasing in most of the countries, step by step. A new concept of 'cell' has been proposed in the document.

The proposed separation into sub-networks, the natural area from topology configuration point of view, is extended for all the functions that could be automated in real time in the future. One of the main ideas is that the local agent downloads and updates its part of electric map of the network (specific link with a data base located in a regional operation control room), using local communications and local analysis to make local decision (on changing the configuration or on controlling loads, DG or specific devices).

The concept of cell proposed may help to coordinate the different levels of ICT access inside the network, enabling a global parallelisation of the complex and real time work. A crucial key for the future is evaluating the real reliability of a given ICT distribution set.

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