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Consumer products factory: High volume, continuous manufacturing advanced techniques for in-situ process quality improvement

Original research objectives:
To select the most promising application for a NIR-DLS gas sensor to be used for in-line monitoring and control of processes in the consumer products industry. A laboratory feasibility demonstrator has been built to experimentally verify the potential of the selected application.

- Developed lab-scale equipment (multi-pass cell, dedicated NIR-DLS spectrometer, test set-up) to investigate the feasibility of non-destructive measurement of gas phase compositions at the ppm level inside glass enclosures.

- A task report discussing the aforementioned feasibility and containing specifications.

- Multi-pass optics adapted to monitor the gas atmosphere inside glass enclosures have been designed within the consortium and built by an external company.

- A NIR-DLS spectrometer to measure the chosen gases has been designed and built. Required rework on the spectrometer has been successfully completed.

- A set-up to test instrument performance has been built: variables include Pressure range and Concentration range. A series evaluation experiments have been performed.

The approach has been shown feasible in principle. Detailed studies of performance and process insight are in progress.

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