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Rapid measurement techniques - Vehicle efficiency, environment and emission monitoring

The aim of this task was to establish a concept demonstrator optical sensor unit and integrate this into environmental monitoring to allow full characterisation and demonstration of operational capability and quantification of commercial potential.

The overall technical objective was to develop technologies relevant to rapid measurement of gas concentrations in open paths. Examples of where this might be applied, and exploited, were proposed in remote vehicle emission monitoring, and certain types of open path environmental monitoring such as at boundary fences.

At the end of the project the following have been achieved
- Software/optical and electronic technologies have been developed to allow and enhance fast measurements.

- The range of gases which can be monitored has been explored and expanded. Limitations and scope of measurement defined.

- A laboratory research spectrometer system has been developed.

- The multispecies laboratory spectrometer has been tested on a vehicle engine test bed to demonstrate the feasibility for on-board exhaust emission measurements using NIR laser technology and also to provide background knowledge as to emission levels characteristic of specific engine operating conditions.

- Cross-road test measurements have been performed on multispecies (CO and CO2) and have demonstrated successfully the rapid response of the system with measurements taken of vehicles travelling at high speed.

The market for commercial exploitation will be driven by legislation and discussions are ongoing at European and International levels. Despite limitations due to the difficulty of measuring nitric oxide and total hydrocarbons using NIR diode laser technology we are engaged in discussions with companies in the UK and US regarding combining NIR diode laser technology with other approaches.

Dissemination has currently been through conference presentations and peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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