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600V-2A SiC Schottky diodes with 200C operation temperature

Due to a larger band gap than Si, SiC is considered as a candidate semiconductor for high temperature operation devices fabrication. SiC power devices are also of great interest due to the superior electrical and thermal characteristics of this semiconductor.

Consequently, we have studied the most technologically advanced SiC power devices, the Schottky diode for high temperature operation. For this purpose, we have modified a SiC Schottky diode process previously developed for standard applications to produce high temperature SiC Schottky diodes.

In this sense, we have basically changed the Schottky metal, using Ni instead of Ti for its higher Schottky barrier height. 600V-2A diodes have been fabricated and packaged. Back end process (thick metallisation and thick organic passivation) and package (solder alloy, substrate, coatings...) materials have been chosen to allow operation at 200C external temperature.

The devices have been electrically characterised up to 200C. In the reverse mode at 200C, the leakage current of the SiC diodes is 3 orders of magnitude lower than Si Schottky devices. Switching times are low and almost temperature independent and the SiC diodes result faster than Si bipolar diodes on the whole temperature range. Operation temperature is limited by the back end process and packaging materials.

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