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Ferrite tuned dielectric resonator filters

Two magnetically tunable dielectric resonator filters operating at frequency about 2 GHz have been elaborated and constructed. First of one was made on two dielectric resonators tuning by means of a axially magnetized ferrites disks. The Rayleigh-Ritz method was successfully applied to compute the characteristics of tunable resonators.

For dielectric resonators employing axially magnetized ferrites tuning range in the order of 40MHz (nearly 5%) was achieved with Q-factor greater then 3000. The tuning speed in the order of milliseconds was obtained. Constructed dielectric resonator filter containing axially magnetized ferrites allowed tuning range of 18 MHz for tuning current limited within 0 - 0.5A. The filter characteristics do not change significantly and losses of the filter are below 0.8 dB.

Second filter is based on the dielectric resonator containing circumferentially magnetized ferrite elements. The theoretical analysis of a resonator structure provided to obtain the optimal parameters of a resonator has been made. The resonator was constructed whose resonant frequencies can be switched by short current pulses between two stable values that differ in frequency up to 25MHz with Q-factor value about 4200. The filter is composed with two dielectric resonators.

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