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Building management systems

Ardoran are intending to incorporate the WireNet technology into new intelligent lighting control and building management/ automation systems.

Sharing a border with Russia results in a large market for sales of products in that country. Following exhibiting at the major international telecomms conference in Moscow in May 2004, a client has identified an application that is highly relevant to WireNet technology.

This client is involved in the supply and installation of security systems many of which are used in datchas (summer houses) in the countryside around the major cities. At the present time, there is no completely satisfactory way either to retrofit alarm systems within such houses or to provide a central monitoring service.

It is considered that WireNet can provide a solution to both of these problems in this application. Datchas are generally arranged as small closely spaced groupings of houses so it should be possible to link the security systems to monitoring stations via the power cables shared by the buildings.

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