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Application of the HTST system

To demonstrate the capabilities of the HTST system several SoI memories, which would eventually be incorporated into an automotive application, were tested. The capability of the system to perform as an “intelligent burn-in” system were satisfactorily demonstrated, the test results for a range of temperatures were acquired and subsequently displayed as a series of bitmaps whose contents altered as the temperature changed.

In a further demonstration of the system’s capabilities the “digital” core, which would be part of the demonstration vehicle for the project as a whole, was also tested using scan path methodology; the scan chain control signals were activated by the test system, which also acquired the test results.

Some basic tests were also performed on a commercially available ADC, demonstrating that the system can be applied not only to memory and digital circuits but also to analogue circuits.

Reported by

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Eng, Merz Court
NE1 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
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