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Project ID: ICA4-CT-2001-10030
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-INCO 2
Paese: Ireland

AlgaeBase ( a state-of-the-art MySQL database

AlgaeBase ( is a web-enabled, world database of algae (terrestrial, freshwater and marine protists that includes seaweeds) and has been converted from a Filemaker Pro flat-file database to a MySQL database providing increased stability, reliability, flexibility, and expandability.

AlgaeBase contains over 63,000 names of species, subspecies, varieties and forms of algae, with information on types and distribution (nearly 120,000 records from 14 geographical areas and over 200 countries), of which 35,000 are currently used species names.

It is now estimated that the vast majority of species recorded for Africa have been entered since comprehensive catalogues for areas that span the whole African coast have been entered. The bibliography module has some 36,000 references on algae including all the papers published in the major algal journals since they started publishing. Other modules include common names (2314), etymology (17,657), and images (3500). Counters placed on the site from 21st October 2005 indicate that 5000 page searches take place each day on average. Nearly 1.76 million pages have been downloaded since 21st October 2004.

The main users are developed countries: principally the USA and members of the EU, but usage worldwide is increasing every month. The situation with country accesses shows the top country, by far, for searches is the USA, followed by the UK, Spain, France, Italy and Australia. Ireland, despite our extensive use of the database has less usage than Turkey, Taiwan and Portugal. Most interest worldwide is in taxonomic and distributional information but images from the site are widely used in lectures, seminars and teaching programmes everywhere.

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