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UNIND-LAM Report Summary

Project ID: ICA4-CT-2002-10003
Funded under: FP5-INCO 2
Country: Spain

Parameters to define new policies in University - industry relationships between UE-MERCOSUR

- The first, and the more important conclusion, is that the conditions exist, and the need is real, so as to create an ambitious Specific Programme of Science Industry between the European Union and MERCOSUR (and Latin America)

- All the institutions of MERCOSUR which have participated in the network UNIND LAM (Universities, Research Centres, Industries, Chamber of Industry, National Administrations and Technological Poles) have shown their interest in a future programme on Science Industry between EU Latin America, which allow executing concrete and applied actions on this subject.

- The same interest exist between the new Latin American partners (from Brazil, Chile and Paraguay) incorporated to the Specific Support Action (2006 - 2007) of acronym UNIVEMP LAM.

- In addition, in Santiago de Chile Seminar (2004) was recommended, and identified as a great need: “Governments and supranational institutions such as the EC of the EU must make an effort to create new collaboration programs which increase the connection Science-Company”. Point 10 of the Seminar conclusions

- MERCOSUR is a big market (230 millions people and 900.000 MIO EUR of GDP) with great cooperation possibilities, and in economic expansion, in which participation of science, technology and business sector of the EU has a strong presence and long term consolidated relationships and partnerships

- To attend this reality is proposed to the EC this new program on Science Industry

- This program could be incorporated to the 7th Framework Programme of RTD, or create it in the frame of some others General Directions of the EC, as Foreign Relations

- In MERCOSUR, all the network studies have shown that exist a potential, which must favour the relationships between both blocks, in concrete sectors and sub-sectors and with a great impact not only in science, technology or innovation, but also in the economy and business

- This feasible programme must favour, in a priority manner, the transfer of the research results towards the productive sector and, finally, to civil society

- Education and training, associated with mobility, is considered one of the most important tool that the programme must developed

- Others very important instruments, identified by UNIND LAM, are: Mobility in its various modalities, the Platforms, the Thematic Networks and Projects incorporating the SMEs of both blocks

- At the same time, are considerate useful for cooperation: the Prospective studies, Market studies, Feasibility studies, and Demonstration and Pilot projects. The component Innovation and the Results Transfer must be present in them

- The need to incorporate Bets Practises in the concrete instruments of co-operation and, in any case, is present in the platforms.

- This possible programme EU MERCOSUR, must be extended to the rest of Latin America, but in two different and separate ways:
-- To the countries more advanced in Science, Technology, Innovation and Industrial Capacities.
-- To the countries less developed in Science, Technology, Innovation and Industrial Capacities.

Moreover, an intelligent formula, in order to assure the knowledge transfer and results of the research, from the first group of countries to the second one, will be necessary included in the Science Industry program

- In this programme must be impulse, whenever possible and when circumstances require it, the major number of actors of the System Science Industry. Public and Private sectors, National Administrations as well as the Chambers of Industry and Technological Poles and Parks

- UNIND LAM has identified as specially relevant a number of scientific sectors in which it is possible to develop the tools included in this programme. These sectors are: Materials of scientific-technological interest, Information Society (INFOSOC), Agro-industry, Renewable Energies, Environment, Biotechnology and Cultural Heritage

- Within each of these main sectors, the network has identified the various sub-sectors better situated for cooperation between both blocks, according with the conclusions of the ID and the Brasilia Workshop on Potential Cooperation between the EU and MERCOSUR (2005)

- Trying to associate countries belonging to other geographical areas, with close or similar potentials as MERCOSUR or Latin America, for example: some countries of Asia, NIS or the North Africa& and when their participation, in concrete projects, bring an important synergy in order to obtain good results and positive impacts.

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