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Conclusions for SCHECAS

Production scale batches of stainless steel MMC material successfully produced, all materials developed have been fully characterised and reported on. Systems based on 316L, W1.4418, 15-5PH and A286 matrices.

Simple shape and near shape powder processing has been demonstrated. A forge capability has been demonstrated with a fabrication window defined for each alloy matrix. This fabrication window being limited by incipient melting and the workability at low temperatures. A286 and 15-5PH variants show promise, with mechanical properties especially ductility improved by forging.

Suitable joining and machining techniques have been defined within the project for these steel MMCs.

Data has been generated to increase awareness of performance of steel MMCs for design evaluation.
Several materials data sheets are planned for each family of steel mmc material.

Three generic product forms have been manufactured and evaluated: a gear, a piston rod and a forged rib. This has enabled greater understanding of these materials and identified some potential applications where the unique properties of these materials can be exploited.

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