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Geometrical simplification of CAD files

The software called SIMPOLY is under development through collaboration between EADS CCR and INPG Grenoble (Thesis of Guillaume Drieux). The software has been tested within INDeT project on 2 Dassault applications (Horizontal stabilizer and gear door). These tests have lead to a very positive evaluation and showed all the capabilities of such simplification software on CAD files used for NDT application.

At the end of Guillaume Drieux 's thesis, the first step of dissemination would consist in identifying clearly the essential and used functionalities of the software for NDT applications. On this basis, a specific NDT module should be created in a user-friendly way and available on a PC support.

The application targeted for EADS CCR for such a simplification module would be the simplification of complex CAD files transferred by the design and calculation office. The availably of the real 3D geometry is essential to understand and define in a more efficient way NDT parameters before the part is manufactured. Modelling tools can also be used at this stage.

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