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Java graphic user interface (applet) for remote NDT signal and image processing

The goal of our project is to be able to analyze testing results (cartography, US results&) from ViewTec 4M (on the client workstation) without being obliged to install the software PVWAVE. This is made possible thanks to Jwave 3.5, which is the web version of PVWAVE. Jwave is an applet: A web IHM that is able to exchange data between the client workstation and the server, which runs the PVWAVE processes.

To carry out a NDT inspection, the user follows the NDT procedure. This procedure is a description of:
-The environment of the tests;
-The conditions of the tests;
-The Non Destructive Testing;
-Dimensional damage measurement.

Thanks to Jwave, the user has access to the referential ASCAN signal stored in the database on the server side.

All these links provide duties to assist the operator in diagnosis delivery all along the procedure. First he can visualised its inspection environment and pre-set its equipment with the more effective parameters, then he can visualised reference signals of sound or defect area finally he can measured and located the defect on the cad part. All these information are reported in an electronic document for publication and knowledge base growing.

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