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On line maintenance assistance (OMA)

A standardised general architecture, called OMA system, for running the remote relevant operations (data/information transfer/treatment, communication/authentication tools) has been developed. The OMA is conceived as a process where in-service (human and machine) operators are provided both with tools combining on-field measurements with additional relevant knowledge (automatically generated by heterogeneous information stored in remote databases) and real-time expertise (embodying the management of a complete work-flow to remotely revise and approve inspection procedures).

The system supporting the smart assistance operation is based on the use of mobile instrumentation suitably connected to a distributed network of knowledge sources and it integrates different communication channel among the users, Intranet/Internet/GSM network connected, in order to support the diagnosis.

In particular, two different and complementary modalities to perform Smart Assistance have been developed and tested: first one is based on Web protocols, the other one uses GSM network.

Moreover, the non-destructive testing daily activities require hand free nomadic workers. At the same time they need to keep the contact with his environment. Work situations could be sometimes perilous, with uncomfortable positions. In many cases, the tools currently found in the NDT domain useful for the measurements become inappropriate tools (heavy, cumbersome, etc.).

Besides, kilograms of technical documentation to follow become a real burden, both physically because of the weight and technically because it is not really user-friendly. From this point of view, INDET project has provided some solutions to these different items, taking advantage of a numerical support for NDT activities. For instance, thanks to different global and deepened studies the existing “paper-based” documentation was made available in a multimedia format, a global electronic system was designed to help operators in performing their job.

All these numerical tools are supported by a tablet PC to be used by a mobile NDT operator. But in an ergonomics point of view, it seems to be interesting to exploit the head attached display devices for some information as measurements visualisation for example. Information for which the dynamic characteristic is important to perceive in real time by keeping focused on the task at the same time. This can give to the system a real added value.

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