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Image analysis software for automatic quantification of mandibular cortical width

This result consists of automatic image analysis software that can robustly and accurately measure the width of the inferior mandibular cortex on dental panoramic radiographs. These measurements can provide a useful indicator of osteoporosis and reduced bone mineral density (BMD). The width of the mandibular cortex can be measured automatically by computer and if this information is combined with a little clinical information, the end result is a powerful test for osteoporosis. The correlation between the cortical width and BMD was found to be highly significant. Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) analysis showed that clinically useful specificity and sensitivity results could be achieved.

Potential applications for this result:
This software has enormous potential for incorporation into commercially available dental digital imaging software used by dentists or, possibly, as a 'stand-alone' software add-on. It also has potential for incorporation into existing dental office management systems. Its diagnostic validity was high and involved little or no user interaction.

End-users of results:
Dental imaging equipment manufacturers. Dental office management systems. Software developers. Dentists as the ultimate end-user.

Main benefits:
Automatic computer assessment of osteoporosis by measuring the mandibular cortical thickness without inter or intra observer variability. Minimal effort by users. Good diagnostic validity.

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