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Evidence for agronomic advantages of intercropping grain legumes and cereals in European organic farming

The agronomic performances of evaluated intercropping series in different European agricultural context showed that the pea-barley intercrop is as a profitable technique in organic farming. Both additive and replacement series demonstrated yield advantage in the different climatic conditions. Confirming the suitability of spring pea-barley intercropping in North and Central Europe, the results demonstrated that yield advantage is further reached in the Mediterranean environment (Southern Italy) by growing pea-barley intercrop in spring season, that is a no-typical growing season for cereal and legume in rainfed condition. Analysis of relative variability (stability) of Land Equivalent Ratio indicated that pea-barley intercrop maintain the advantage also when pea competition is high (additive series).

Reported by

University Mediterranea Reggio Calabria
Department of Agrochemistry and Agrobiology, Feo di Vitorancesco4
89060 Reggio Calabria
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