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Optimised castellation trap that attracts, infects and releases male codling moths

Castellation trap: The castellation trap performed well in the trap and release experiments in the laboratory (wind tunnel trials at the University of Greenwich). Field results carried out late season in Spain were inconclusive, possibly because they were conducted with falling levels of moth. In pre-full field experiments carried out in 2004 the castellation trap performed well and showed promise in the “infect and kill: process.

This trap was used in the 2005 field experiments in UK and Spain designed to determine the efficacy of the system for codling moth control and to determine any effects on natural enemy populations. In these field experiments the system attracted, infected and released male moths but the impact on the codling population was not sufficient to prevent apple damage.

No effects were seen on several natural enemy populations in the orchards. Refinements will be necessary to the trap system because the physical form of the formulated pathogen is not finalised yet. The trap will also be modified to allow it to be used as a conventional “trap and retain” type normally used for monitoring insect activity.

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