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New analytical methodology for the evaluation of homogeneity and cross-contamination in feed using yttrium as tracer element

A new method is proposed to the feed industry and feed quality controls authorities for the evaluation of homogeneity and/or cross-contamination during the feed production or transport.

The new method uses the methodology recommended by Tecaliman previously (organisation of the industrial trial, number of batches to produce, points of incorporation, sampling method, analyses of the tracer quantification results and interpretation of the results), with the use of a mineral tracer including the rare-earth yttrium, with an incorporation level of 100ppm to 200ppm depending on the tests to perform.

The new method is recommended in particular for feed encountering a severe heat or compression treatment for which a stable tracer is needed. This method can also be used in any feed (but is not recommended for premixes), and in combination with other tracers (such as Microtracers) is wished.

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