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Guidelines for promoting sustainable agriculture in Alpine mountains regions

Local participative projects are often considered in policies such as the Community Initiative Leader+ to be of major importance to design territorial sustainable development strategies. This result consists in practical advice about the construction and above all the implementation of collective actions based on multi-stakeholders’ groups, which target sustainable agriculture at local level in the Alps. This result is organised in a practical handbook for local activators, advisory services, training institutions and administrations in the field of agriculture and rural development.

Two innovative points mark this guide:
- A frame both for the phases of designing and implementation of a project. The special focus on implementation of actions is an original point in comparison to the majority of the existing methods, which are mainly dedicated to the phase of designing actions.

- A method to clarify the key moments of the social dynamics arising during the design and the implementation of a project: formalisation of a problem and of objectives by a set of stakeholders, gradual interessement of a broad variety of actors and institutions, formalisation of the roles and of the commitments of each partner and collective management of actions along the time.

Project designing and implementation is usually regarded as a linear process with successive phases to plan and manage: definition of objectives and risks, planning action and breakdown of tasks, implementation and finally evaluation of action. In this guide we tried to offer a framework in order to understand and handle, the social dynamics which often induces overlapping phases, evolution of objectives, controversies.

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