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Working paper, model comparison Part 1: Model characteristics. Information about the models used by TranSust partners, TranSust Working Paper, 2004

This working paper deals with a comprehensive overview on the state of modelling sustainable economic structures, including both a comparison of the theoretic frameworks and an analysis of the policy relevance by:
- Presenting and comparing the basic theoretical model designs,
- Testing the robustness of different models,
- Identifying the methodology and scientific achievements

Based on a standardised questionnaire a comprehensive comparison of the models involved in TranSust was made which is organized as follows:
- General description: Type and primary aim, distinguishing feature
- Data and variables: Variables, equations, parameters, projection period
- Coverage: Geographical and sectoral coverage
- Economic agents and markets: Factors, products, trade
- Dynamics and technology: Technological change, interaction between stocks and flows
- Policy issues: Economic instruments and policy responses
- Policy evaluations: Measuring economic welfare and policy impacts
- Additional information about the models: Software, algorithms, references

The results of this comparative analysis of model features is documented in this working paper and available from the TranSust website.

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