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Virtual medical support (application)

We built a prototype of a Grid-based problem-solving environment (PSE) for virtual vascular surgery. We use a set of hardware and software resources available via the CrossGrid infrastructure for building a specific framework to support vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists in their pre-operative decision-making. We achieved secure Grid access, node discovery and registration, Grid data transfer, application initialization, medical data segmentation, segmented data visualization, computational mesh creation, job submission, distributed blood flow visualization, and bypass creation. We have incorporated the medical application for vascular reconstruction into the Grid. The input for experiments is the data from a medical image repository in Leiden.

The patient’s blood flow is simulated using Grid resources. An efficient mesoscopic computational haemodynamics solver for blood-flow simulations is based on parallel cellular automata. We are able to simulate pulsatile Newtonian flow in a straight rigid 3D tube. To allow for the parallel execution, the simulation volume is divided into several sub-volumes, and each sub-volume is processed concurrently.

To ensure good user experience will build a unique desktop Virtual Reality system, which serves as the interaction-visualization front-end for the user manipulations over the Grid. End-users can interact with the system via a multi-modal interface, which combines natural input modes of context sensitive interaction by voice, hand gestures and direct manipulation of virtual 3D objects. We call it the Virtual Operating Theatre, as a user can play the role of a vascular surgeon planning and conducting the treatment of a vascular disease on a virtual simulated patient.

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