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CROSSGRID Résumé de rapport

Project ID: IST-2001-32243
Financé au titre de: FP5-IST
Pays: Poland

Performance evaluation tool for interactive grid applications GRIPA (G-PM)

GRIPA (G-PM) is a performance evaluation tool for interactive Grid applications (both sequential ones and parallel applications based on MPI). It can be used by the community of program developers as well as knowledgeable program users to investigate the performance of applications, especially, to help in discovering performance bottlenecks. The tool consists of three components: a Performance Measurement Component (PMC), a High Level Analysis Component (HLAC), and a User Interface and Visualization Component (UIVC).

The distinguished new features of GRIPA (G-PM) and especially the HLAC are:
- It supports on-line analysis, i.e. the performance can be evaluated while the program is running. This allows immediate correlation to user interactions and is a prerequisite for interactive application steering.

- It supports both automatic and user-defined instrumentation. In addition, it enables the user to define new (possible application-specific) metrics, based on the existing metrics and the user-defined instrumentation. Such a feature has never before been implemented in an on-line performance analysis tool.

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