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Portal to submit jobs to the Grid

The Portal that was developed in the context of the CrossGrid project had as primary goal the provision of a user-friendly web-based interface, through which the potential user would be able to submit jobs to the Grid. There is co-operation between the Portal and the Job Submission Services (JSS), which is software that resides on the Roaming Access Server (RAS). These two "components" were developed and are being maintained by other project partners.

The Portal's building blocks are the portlets, all of which are visible on the portal page. Each portlet performs a specific function and all of them provide the user with the ability of submitting a job on the Grid, watching its status, and retrieving the output files upon execution. Thus, they cover all steps of the lifecycle of a Grid job.
First, there is the Proxy Manager portlet. This has a key role in the Portal, since it is responsible for the authentication and authorization of the user, in order to be able to have access to the rest of the portlets. The authentication and authorization take place as soon as the user has valid credentials delegated in a MyProxy server that is located in the CrossGrid testbed.

The valid proxy certificate will be retrieved by the Proxy Manager portlet, and the user will automatically gain access to all portlets that can be found on the Portal page. These range from simple ones that perform submission of a simple job on the CrossGrid testbed to portlets that perform submission of specific large applications. As soon as the user submits any kind of job, he is immediately able to watch its status as it is being carried out, until it has finished.

There are also some other generic portlets (Job List Match, Job Log Info), which give information about the available testbed machines that are able to run a specific job or trace each step of the job from the time that is submitted until the time that is finished and some output (or error) has been produced. The Job Get Output portlet is an important function of the Portal. Through this, the user can retrieve the output and/or error from a submitted job. The results can be obtained via HTML links to the output and error files, which are shown inside the portlet area.

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