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Migrating desktop & roaming access server

The Migrating Desktop is ready to use GUI framework for accessing the grid resources in a uniform way. The user can access their data and run applications from any Internet terminal equipped with the Java Virtual Machine. This facility offers the environment, which is fully configurable, and adaptable to the user needs, it gives a transparent user work environment, independent of the system version and hardware.

The Migrating Desktop supports all the grid paradigms such like the following: single sign-on and trust, monitoring jobs, job and data management, Virtual Organizations, interactive jobs, plugins, etc. This solution is a complete, production-deployed software environment with special focus on interactive grid applications. These applications are simultaneously compute- as well as data-intensive and are characterized by the interaction with a person in a processing loop.

It can be used by the scientific community for simulating of the complex problems and it covers the requirement for “utility computing” concept in business too. We foreseen, that the Migrating Desktop can give the access to the set of business applications by providing the graphical front-end to the applications and database engines distributed across the company.

Utility computing is a combination of two approaches: according to the first one companies can call upon a third party to host and manage their IT infrastructure, and according to the second one, companies can pay for the resources they use. Grid computing is similar to utility computing but with a different approach. Grid computing is a form of virtualization that can handle computation-intensive tasks, using a large number of systems and combining them into one grid. Such grids can include widely distributed systems or systems within one data centers. Grid technology has enabled computing resources to be shared globally and easily managed, and the infrastructure becomes incredibly flexible. Nowadays the infrastructure is a pool of virtual resources that the user can call on as needed.

The developed environment is offered for free in terms of the CrossGrid License Agreement. It means, that there are no additional costs for the installation packages, and TCO leads only on the used hardware and administrative prerequisites of the middleware the Roaming Access Server, and related packages. The Roaming Access Server is an underlying layer that mediates between the Migrating Desktop and grid resources. Entire structure of proposed infrastructure bases on the CrossGrid License Agreement and other Open License models. There is no other grid desktop with the support for interactive applications on the market.

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