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Scheduler - Resource broker

CrossBroker is a system designed to manage jobs that are submitted to the Grid. CrossBroker includes transparent mechanisms for dynamic resource discovery and selection, task mapping, and scheduling, and job monitoring and steering mechanisms.

It supports sequential and parallel applications and its main features are the following:
- Support for parallel jobs developed with the MPICH library and compiled with the ch_p4 device. These applications run on a single cluster.

- Support for MPI applications developed with the MPICH library and compiled with the G2 device. These applications are able to run on resources from multiple clusters.

- Support for computational workflows. Computational workflows are made of separate jobs (sequential or parallel) that exhibit control and data dependencies.

- Support for batch and interactive execution. In batch execution, jobs have their standard input and standard output interfaces redirected to files. This execution mode is intended for applications that run off-line. The interactive execution mode provides input/output streaming in near real time and is intended for applications that run on-line with a direct interaction to/from the user. Sequential and MPI applications can use both modes of execution.

- Includes a generic API for interfacing the broker to external monitoring/performance tools. The integration of the Grid Monitoring and Data Analysis Tool (GMDAT) has been implemented by using this interface.

- Support for job pre-emption. This is a simple time-sharing mechanism that allows execution of interactive applications when no free resources are available. With the pre-emption mechanism these interactive applications are able to run immediately on the same machine where a certain batch application is already running.

CrossBroker runs on Grid platforms based on LCG-2 middleware, which currently uses Linux RH7.3 and Globus 2.4.x, and has a specific Job Description Language (JDL) and a Glue Schema for job and resource description, respectively.

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