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JIMS-JMX-based infrastructure monitoring system

Current status of JIMS - the JMX-based Infrastructure Monitoring System is as follows. JIMS is a result of three years of development during the CrossGrid project. Its current version 1.5.32 is available as an open source project under CrossGrid Licence, for use with Linux and Unix systems. Last validated version 1.5.23 is installed in CrossGrid production and development testbed. It uses Java Management Extensions what makes it platform independent grid monitoring tool with interoperable Web Service API (Application Programming Interface) and Java command line clients.

JIMS is assigned rather to other middleware tools making use of monitoring parameters, including resource brokers, benchmarks or performance predictions mechanisms. Its command line client applications can be used also by network and grid middleware administrators, to investigate the infrastructure configuration and resource usage.

There are some barriers resulting from chosen Java technology, concerning memory usage, which makes it better suited for systems with large physical memory for Java Virtual Machine in which the JIMS is running.

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