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International grid computing infrastructure (testbeds)

The international testbed is a key component of the CrossGrid Project, as it provides the framework to run the applications in a realistic GRID environment. In particular, organisational issues and performance and security aspects, including amongst others the network support, were only be evaluated thanks to the help of the testbed, that relying on a high-performance network (GEANT), assured the participation of an adequate number of computing and data resources distributed across Europe.

The CrossGrid testbed has:
- Provided a distributed resource facility where the different WP developments have been tested on a Grid framework,

- Supported the construction of sites across Europe, integrating national facilities provided by the involved partners into the CrossGrid framework

- Monitored the network support required in the testbed set-up, and established the required links with the corresponding network providers,

- Integrated the basic middleware software developed or required in the different WP tasks

- Assured the required level of interoperability with other Grid testbeds, firstly with the DataGrid testbed, later with LCG and EGEE

- Coordinated in practice the software releases that should provide the appropriate documentation and support for the installation across the distributed sites.

In particular, it has assured that GRID applications from WP1 had run in the corresponding setup.

CrossGrid testbed sites were placed in 16 different institutions distributed across 9 different European countries, expanding the Grid community to these countries.

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