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High level architecture support

The product supports execution of HLA distributed interactive simulations in the Grid environment. The architecture is based on the Open Grid Services
Architecture (OGSA) concept that allows for modularity and compatibility with Grid Services already developed.

As HLA is explicitly designed as a support for interactive distributed simulations, it provides various services needed for that specific purpose, such as time management useful for time-driven or event-driven interactive simulations. It also takes care of data distribution management and allows all application components to see the entire application data space in an efficient way.

On the other hand, the HLA standard does not provide automatic setup of HLA distributed applications and there is no mechanism for migrating federates according to the dynamic changes of host loads or failures, which is essential for Grid applications.

Our solution introduces HLA functionality to the Grid Services framework extended by specialized high-level Grid Services. This allows for execution control through Grid Service interfaces; the internal control and data of distributed interactive simulations flows through HLA. The design also supports migration of federates (components) of HLA applications according to environmental conditions.

The possible end users are simulation developers, developers of defence applications as well as people from game industry.

Benefits from using the system are clear- the applications can take advantage from Grid without loosing efficiency.

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