Wspólnotowy Serwis Informacyjny Badan i Rozwoju - CORDIS

Development of software package for handling the information

To make Graphics fully usable for visually impaired, beside a tactile display (a Dot Matrix Display -DMD-) special software is needed.

Within the ItactI-Project, such basic software was developed to present information -text and graphics- to the blind user on the ItactI-display.

The program allows presenting the " windows" in tactile form, highlighting the active window. The contents of the window (mainly text) are presented in Braille.
Graphic structures can be shown as contour lines, coloured areas by different dot patterns.

Simple pictures can be presented "disintegrated" by showing special attributed ( coloured or shaded) parts one at a time (e.g. a map can be shown with all parts, then with borders, then with water bodies, then with wooded or hilly areas, then with cities only, then with railways or roads etc).

The program can be used under Windows 2000 and soon will be adapted to XP. Allowing basic functions today, a continuing program development effort is necessary and undertaken.

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