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Publish special issue of the "Journal of engineering for the maritime environment" on the use of adhesive bonding in the shipbuilding

BONDSHIP is involved in preparing a special issue of the JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING FOR THE MARITIME ENVIRONMENT - PART M with the aim to make adhesive bonding in shipbuilding accessible to a wider audience. A number of articles in the special issue will be written by project members. In addition, other recognized experts will contribute to this publication.

Scope of special issue:
This issue will discuss the use of adhesive bonding in shipbuilding. A key question in shipbuilding is the approval of such joints. A number of important questions are linked to this and will be presented in this issue by the various authors. Central to this topic are the possibilities and limits of predicting the joints strength and lifetime using simple or advanced numerical methods and the need to use prototype testing in addition to or instead of modelling. Another critical issue is the production of the joints. By and large shipbuilding is a steel based industry with a long tradition of welding. Hence there are special problems, which need to be addressed when introducing adhesive bonding into shipbuilding. Finally, examples of successful application of adhesive bonding in ships will be shown.

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