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Detailed design of prototype - Case study of how an Bonded Aluminium structure is to be designed

A baseline design of a bonded aluminium superstructure is presented; it is designed in accordance with DNV Rules for Classification of High Speed Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft. The build standard incorporates aluminium alloy honeycomb cladding.

The structure consists generally of a welded aluminium alloy extruded box section framework; the cladding being bonded in situ.

Consideration has been given to unit construction as would be the case for a large superstructure and these unit joints have been designed in

The superstructure to hull attachment, mast to superstructure and unit to unit joints are addressed.

Structural design calculations and joint structural arrangements are contained in Appendices.

Further work is discussed, including other cladding materials. A Macro FE analysis of the superstructure is being undertaken by the university of Southampton, using DNV loadings to analyse the structural framework as designed in order to compare the actual analysis with DNV requirements. And from a better understanding of joint loadings to consider the possibility of an all or part bonded framework.

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