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Final production procedures A history of experiences and best/recommended practises on how to fabricate a bonded structure

This document contains the production procedure used during the construction of the Bondship demonstrator. This production procedure is based on the procedure outlined in document 3-32-D-2001-01-0 and work carried out in document “Procedures for Bondship Test Specimen Manufacture”. The procedure was also refined at the early stages of construction and the experiences leading to these changes have been included in this document. The bonding techniques used can be found in Tables 3.3.1 and 3.3.2.

The demonstrator is constructed from aluminium box section, aluminium honeycomb panels and Plexus MA550 adhesive. This document includes the procedure used for the bonding of panels and box section to form the units that make up the demonstrator, bonding of units to form the superstructure and the superstructure to deck bond. Where deviations from this procedure have occurred during the build the reasons and new procedures have been included in this document. In addition suggestions on how the procedure, design or materials could be improved have been made. A build log for the demonstrator and a lessons learnt file form part of this document and can be found in Appendix A and B.

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