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Final repair guideline - Report on repair strategies and procedures

In order to establish repair procedures for bonded superstructure joints, two contrasting rehabilitation techniques were investigated on representative joins. These consisted of reinstating a unit to unit join without damaging the surrounding framework; and reinforcing a s/structure to ship joint. The techniques were used on representative joints constructed in the lab, with the techniques being extended to a number of other joint geometries. Repair trials were not carried out on the s/structure due to space and time restrictions. The reinforcing technique involved using steel and carbon fibre plates to add strength, as well as a laminated carbon fibre repair.

The joint reinstating technique could be implemented, but would prove costly and time consuming due to difficulties in removing old adhesive and reapplying new adhesive inside the joints. However the reinforcing technique was relatively straightforward with the carbon fibre laminated repair being the most versatile. Further work would involve the mechanical testing of these joints and establishing a range of procedures for other joint geometries.

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