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Develop design rules and methods for joint design

The application of adhesive joints has been proven to be beneficial to lightweight construction in mass transportation by using hybrid concept, which allows for cold assembly and modular design. In the BONDSHIP project adhesive bonding has been introduced as structural joints into shipbuilding for joining of lightweight materials. Design process for structure with bonded joint consists of 3 major steps: Concept study, detailed design and final design step. In the concept study hand calculation and analytical analysis is necessary for the first joint dimensioning. In the detailed analysis design parameters such as adherent/adhesive materials, surface preparation, joint geometry, tolerance concept, securing mechanical system and UV-Protection have to be defined. General design rules with regard to joint configuration, geometrical and environmental factors, corrosion proctions as well as calculation base has been given in document No. 1-11-D-2001-01-0, "Outline of approach to easy-to-use design rules". Design method and design process has been discussed and documented in document No. 2-23-D-2001-01-0 "Outline of design approach".

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