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Selection of materials for high strength bonds on thick metals

CTA has carried out a series of tests to evaluate rigid adhesives (2-component polyurethane, acrylic or epoxy adhesives). These tests have been chosen in order to select correctly the adhesive systems with the following criteria in mind: the strength of the adhesive assembly, the resistance of the assembly to temperature, its durability in a humid marine environment.

Thermo-mechanical properties are useful to know the state of polymer matter (glassy or rubber-like state): the glass transition temperature (Tg) et the ratio of the shear modulus at 80°C divided by the shear modulus at 20°C are assessed at the initial condition (15 day storage at 20°C) and after a post-curing (624 hours at 70°C, 95% relative humidity).

The single shear lap test is performed according to ISO 4587 with 4 different adherents (steel, alu5093, alu6082 and GRP): two parameters are deduced the mean shear strength of the assembly and the type of failure (cohesive, adhesive, composite).

The wedge test, derived from the ASTM standard D3762-79, is aimed to screen different surface preparations of various adherents (steel, alu5093, alu6082 and GRP). Once adherents are identified, it is possible to select the appropriate adhesive system (e.g. an adhesive and a surface preparation).

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