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Dissemination of NDT methods for marine bonded structures

During the project the BONDSHIP NDT activity was disseminated at the Annual Conference of the British Institute of Non-destructive testing in Sept 2001 and Sept 2002.

Synergy between BONDSHIP and a UK DTI project (UWASI) led NDT Solutions was developed. The BONDSHIP project provided many test assemblies for a new inspection system developed in the UWASI project. This synergy has led to the marketing of NDT Solutions ultrasonic equipment for the inspection of bonded composite components in the marine and power (wind turbine) industries. Experience gained and techniques developed during the BONDSHIP project have given NDT Solutions a competitive edge for the inspection of marine components enabling it to explore the marine and related markets.

Experience gained in the BONDSHIP project has enabled NDT Solutions to successfully approach UK materials suppliers, manufacturers and operators for high performance carbon fibre composite racing yachts to demonstrate NDT technology for the inspection of bonded joints and carbon fibre pre-pregs.

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Dunston Innovation Centre, Dunston Road
United Kingdom
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