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Establishment of procedures and guidelines for NDT of marine bonded structures

Guidelines and procedures:
The objectives of this task were: to define guidelines and procedures for quality assurance in production, repair and inspection of joints, design and modelling of joints and acceptance tests.

The following fields were to be covered in the guidelines work:
- Quality assurance in production;
- Repair and inspection of joints;
- Design and modelling of joints;
- Acceptance criteria and qualification tests for joints.

The role of NDT in this task was to concentrate on the quality assurance and repair and inspection of joints. As part of the guidelines work European NDT standards that currently apply were reviewed; this included common inspection techniques and operator certification.

The differences between manufacturing and in-service requirements were considered and recommended practices for the role of NDT were investigated. Extensive work was carried out at two shipyards (Vosper Thorneycroft and MeyerWerft) to gain practical experience of performing NDT inspection on marine structures in a manufacturing environment. An example inspection procedure for one of the bonded structures on the MeyerWerft application case was developed and documented.

The principle results and findings from this work were:
- Details of all relevant inspection technologies applicable for adhesive joint inspection.
- Recommended inspection practices and operator certification standards for NDT of adhesive joints.
- Example inspection procedures and documentation.
- Practical experience of applying NDT in a shipyard environment.
- Demonstration of NDT to support quality assurance during manufacture (Vosper Thornycroft) and support of repair trials (MeyerWerft).

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Dunston Innovation Centre, Dunston Road
United Kingdom