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Increasing of the bonding know-how in the shipyard

Several bonded solutions has been already used on passenger ships and fast ferries with good results in terms of performances and aesthetics. Others solutions can be adopted to increase the quality standards in designing and building ships; that s why Fincantieri participate in Bondship project.

Fincantieri engaged itself principally in WP4. In this work package Fincantieri designed, produced, tested and repaired two of the eight application cases proposed by Fincantieri itself; for each of them a cost benefit was also evaluate and for the AC6 (the casing bonded to a steel superstructure) the results seem quite good. At least two new bonded solutions are available to be introduced on the products.

Moreover the work directly done in WP4 and the know-how retrievable from the work performed in the project leaves to Fincantieri the guidelines on how to approach new bonded solution, starting from the design to the production.

The deliverables produced in WP1 and WP2 can be useful to perform a first and preliminary design of bonded joints need to realise new application cases.
The experiences done by others shipyard (JLM and VT) in developing their application cases will be useful for further applications.

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