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Production of prototypes and repair trials

The adhesive bonding process on the shipyard is much more challenging than in other areas of transportation industries. One reason for this is the unprotected work place because normally ships are assembled outdoor. And if the assembly is performed inside a hall it is also influenced from the outside temperature. And in both cases there is a remarkable amount of dust and dirt around. Another reason for difficulties are the big tolerances in the components. The big dimensions force this and the welding process, which twists the components, and there are also the tolerance problems of a single production. To produce components that are well suitable for bonding the workers must be more sensitive for precise dimensions.

For the repair of bonded joints a good access to the joint is essential, this, from both sides. That is needed for the operation of the cutting tools, a special cutting wire or a trimming knife powered by compressed air or electricity. For the successful cutting the adhesive joint needs a minimum thickness of several millimeters. For the repair the adhesive application with big pumps or mixing systems is very often impossible, because they are not available. Therefore a simple to handle handgun system is needed, and if necessary also a different adhesive system.

The learned lessons of the production and repair trials will be discussed at internal information meetings about the results of the BONDSHIP project. This includes training and promotion activities for the relevant Sika employees in technical service, marketing and sales. Also marine guidelines for bonding techniques with Sikaflex adhesives will be created. This is all for the support of our marketing and sales, and they also will use the learned experience for external conferences and publications.

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