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Modelling of elastomeric materials in FE analyses

Constitutive laws to be used in numerical FE calculation can be directly obtained from experimental tests on material samples: some tests have been performed within the project, providing relevant data on different types of flexible adhesives.

Experimental behaviour of elastomeric materials (traction, compression, shear), have been implemented in the constitutive laws of FE material models following several approaches, as for example Mooney and Ogden formulations.

The effectiveness of the methods for material modelling, in linear and non linear hyper-elastic analyses, has been assessed by participating in different benchmark studies, proposed and faced during the project. Approaches followed by different partners of the project and corresponding analysis results have been compared each other and with experimental results, showing the truthfulness of the selected method of representing elastomeric materials in FE models.

Effective models for elastomeric materials lead to interesting follow-ups in the FEM techniques used to analyse, for example, anti-vibration tools and equipments.

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