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Increased knowledge on methodology for qualification of joints and fire protection philosophy for adhesive bonded joints in ships

FiReCo have performed work in the BONDSHIP project related to design and fire testing of bonded joints. The work carried out in cooperation with the project partners has documented possible applications for adhesive bonding in ship structures.

The possibilities and limitations of different adhesive types with respect to structural integrity during fire have been verified by testing. The application cases from each yard has been evaluated and a specific fire protection for each AC has been specified, built and tested. Test results shows the possibilities and limitation of adhesive bonding in ship structures. Possibilities and in some cases directly applicable solutions for fire protected adhesive bonded joints in ship structures has been designed and verified by testing. Results obtained may also be used for evaluation of adhesive bonded structures in general, as well as guidelines for further developments in adhesive bonded ship structures.

FiReCo has extensive knowledge and experience in design and testing of complex composite structures and fire protection of such structures. In combination with the existing expertise, the results and techniques investigated in the Bondship project will contribute to new solutions to the benefit of our future customers.

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