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General-purpose software designed to simulate highly dynamic systems

The outstanding concept of AHEDAT project, significantly different than other potential aftertreatment technologies, relies on intrinsic dynamic operation and synchronization of all units. It renders the unit integration and precise scheduling necessary to achieve desired performance. None of the models developed for other aftertreatment technologies required the degree of sophistication needed in this project.

Therefore, the main purpose of BGU was development of platform capable to simulate the dynamic behaviour of several connected units in the aftertreatment system. Several commercial simulation packages were considered: ACSL, HYSYS, Athena Visual Workbench and FEMLAB. FEMLAB software fits best the requirements for the simulation and optimization platform of the project due to its flexibility, user-friendly environment, robust numerical tools and a variety of graphical capabilities.

Therefore, a proprietary simulator based on FEMLAB was developed for analysis, optimization, design and control of the system. The proprietary programs, developed to overcome the numerical complexity and to facilitate the data analysis and presentation completed the simulation package. The package is general and flexible and may be used in simulations of other highly dynamic complex aftertreatment systems.

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