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Method for the determination of the concentration of gas-phase SOx (SOx = SO2 + SO3)

We have developed a new technique for the monitoring of SOx(g) (SOx(g) = SO2 + SO3) in the presence of large O2 excess (typical flue and exhaust gas conditions) in an essentially continuous manner that requires only a standard SO2 analyser and a high temperature furnace. The system is based on the thermodynamic equilibrium between SO2, SO3 and O2, the concentration of O2 being essentially constant in the present case. The gas feed containing the SOx-species is passed over a (sulfur-saturated) catalyst at a known temperature that yields an effluent containing a mixture of SO2 and SO3, whose concentration ratio is known and given by a thermodynamic plot or a calibration curve. The SO2 concentration is then measured with a standard SO2 analyser and the SO3 concentration is thereafter calculated derived.

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School of Chemistry
United Kingdom
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