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Project ID: G3RD-CT-2002-00793
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-GROWTH
País: Germany

Metal impregnated metal organic framework materials as SOx storage material for temperatures below 300°C

Metal impregnated metal organic framework materials were prepared as self destructing compounds for storage of SOx in a oxygen rich atmosphere. The destruction could be caused by sulfation or thermal decomposition (at temperatures above 300 °C). Metal organic framework (MOF) materials with copper as central metal and benzoetricarboxylixacid as organic linker were impregnated with bariumchloride to obtain a material with SOx storage capacity at temperatures below 300 °C.

By optimization of the central metal (oxidation component), crystallinity and storage metal the material offer a good storage material for temperatures below 300°C. The final material is obtained by impregnation of a Cu- MOF with BaCl2. The MOF is obtained with hydrothermal treatment at 110° for 12 h of a metal salt + alcohol/water mixture. The obtained materials were characterized by standard techniques like BET, XRD, AAS, IR and SEM. The total SO2 uptake capacity was determined with 50ppm SO2 in 12%O2.

Reported by

Institut für Technische Chemie
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